Before purchasing

1Who can I contact before buying?
For all questions relating to the products, you can contact our local agencies or us directly via the contact form , promising.
2Where can I find your products?
Our gas radiators are present in the major distributors of thermo-sanitary articles, wholesalers, warehouses, shops. Our gas fireplaces can be viewed in the showrooms dedicated to flues, wood fireplaces and pellet stoves. Our patio heaters are distributed through hardware stores, garden supply stores etc.
3How can I get spare parts for your products?
The purchase of spare parts can be done through our network of Technical Assistance Centres.
4Is testing required for warranty?
Yes, always. Testing is mandatory and is carried out free of charge by our Service Centres.

Something about gas radiators

1Are gas stoves safe?
Yes. All our gas stoves are equipped with a sealed combustion chamber.
2Why install a gas stove?
Gas stoves have a high heating ratio, heat the room quickly, have low installation and maintenance costs and are autonomous in operation. All this translates into high SAVINGS.
3Where can I install a gas stove?
In all environments because our appliances are equipped with a sealed chamber. For positioning and regulations, you can refer to standard n.7129. In the case of a condominium, the installation of these devices is permitted as their installation does not involve a substantial modification to the facade of the condominium.
4Do your gas stoves work without electricity?
YES! We have in our catalog models of gas stoves that work without the need for electricity. Ignition takes place via a piezoelectric system.
5Is the gas stove subject to periodic maintenance like boilers?
We always recommend maintenance, at least once a year, for the correct functioning of the appliance.
6Is it possible to move a gas stove?
Certainly. Gas stoves can be disassembled and reassembled in the new accommodation with the help of professionally qualified personnel who will eventually issue the "Workmanlike Installation" certificate.
7Can I manage remote ignition?
Yes. We have gas stoves that can be controlled by the most common voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home or via a GSM dialer.
8Can I customize my appliance?
We have designed and listed a whole series of accessories and customizations to make your appliance unique and integrated into the environment in which it is installed.

Gas fireplaces

Why choose a gas fireplace?
Gas fireplaces mainly have a very high scenic effect because they faithfully reproduce the flame obtained with wood-burning fireplaces and heat the environment better because they have higher yields. The installation can be performed leaving space exclusively for the hearth, integrating into furnishings of all styles. The diffusion of heat in the room takes place through frontal radiation and with channeling of the heat in the desired point up to the adjacent room and upper floor. They don't need daily care. They can be used with a remote control that can manage the temperature in a comfortable way and any programmable switching on/off. They are Italian products.
How much does a gas fireplace consume?
The range of fireplaces available offers the possibility of choosing between different powers which can vary from 3,9kW to 10kW. They can be supplied set up to operate on natural gas (methane) or liquid gas (LPG). Everyone is able to make the environment comfortable.