Siena 3D F
January 25 2024

Stratos MB

Modern and elegant gas stove, thanks to the new wireless chronothermostat (which can also be combined later) you can control as many MB Stratos as you want. Gas convector with forced combustion and sealed chamber. Works with Alexa and Google Home.

Radiator controllable with Italkero App, with Alexa,
or with a home automation management device via WiFi.

Available colours
PowersAvailable from 2.3 a 7.8 kW
FeaturesThe innovative gas stove, thanks to the hot air outlet from below, guarantees a continuous and uniform distribution of heat, avoiding its stratification.
Great comfort and energy savings thanks to the automatic modulation of the thermal power and fan speed.
A new way of conceiving heat, a wireless chronothermostat (accessory) to control all your MB Stratos, a technical choice that allows for significant energy savings and avoids air stratification in the rooms where it is installed.
ModelsStratos MB 3.0,5.0,7.0,9.0