Industrial Heating

Industrial heaters

Italkero is a leader in the sector of Industrial Heating, offering cutting-edge solutions to ensure efficient and reliable heating in the most demanding industrial environments. We provide high quality products that meet the specific needs of our customers. Discover the wide range of solutions for industrial heating and the advantages they offer. 

Industrial Heating Systems 

Industrial Condensing Boilers

Le condensing boilers offered by Italkero represent a highly efficient solution for industrial heating. These boilers are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reducing operating costs and harmful emissions. The distinctive feature of these boilers is the ability to recover heat from exhaust fumes through the condensation process, ensuring optimal use of energy.

Industrial Ventilation Unit  

Our ventilation units are designed to efficiently distribute the heat generated by boilers within industrial environments. These units are equipped with powerful and adjustable fans, which allow hot air to be directed in a uniform and controlled way. Thanks to a robust and reliable design, the ventilation units are able to withstand even the most demanding conditions of industrial environments, making them versatile and suitable for different sectors.  

The combination of the outdoor condensing boilers and the ventilation units allows a complete and efficient industrial heating system. The boilers provide the necessary heat with a high thermal yield and low emissions, while the ventilation units ensure a uniform distribution of the hot air in the working environments. 


Advantages of Italkero Industrial Heating

  • High energy efficiency: condensing boilers minimize energy waste, allowing you to save on fuel costs.
  • Optimal thermal comfort: the ventilation units guarantee a uniform distribution of the warm air, creating a comfortable working environment for the employees.
  • Precise temperature control: thanks to Italkero's boilers and ventilation units, it is possible to accurately control the temperature inside industrial environments.
  • Less environmental impact: the use of Italkero condensing boilers reduces harmful emissions, contributing to the reduction of the company's environmental impact.
  • Quick Installation: the industrial condensing boilers and ventilation units offered by Italkero are designed for easy and quick installation. 


Industrial heating for warehouses in various sectors  

The industrial heating offered by Italkero it is widely used in a wide range of industrial sectors, especially for heating large sheds and workspaces. Our heating systems are designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency and thermal comfort even in demanding industrial environments. 

The sheds used in themanufacturing industry, for example, require efficient heating to ensure ideal conditions for production processes. In the logistics and warehousing sectors, it is essential to maintain an adequate temperature to protect stored goods, such as food, medicines or sensitive materials. 

In 'automotive industry, industrial heating is essential to create a comfortable working environment for operators and to maintain optimal temperatures during the painting, assembly and component machining processes. Also in the food industry, adequate industrial heating is crucial to ensure food safety and quality during production and processing.  

Finally, in the logistics and distribution sectors, an effective industrial heating system is necessary to maintain ideal conditions for the storage and handling of goods, avoiding damage caused by cold.  

Italkero understands the specific challenges of industrial warehouses and offers customized industrial heating solutions that meet the needs of each sector.  


Certifications and Compliance of Industrial Heaters

All of our industrial heating products are comply with safety regulations and comply with the quality certifications of the sector. We are committed to offering high quality and reliable solutions that meet the highest safety standards. 

Furthermore, we offer a complete service of support and technical assistance to ensure the proper functioning of our industrial heating systems. Our team of experts are available to provide timely advice, installation, maintenance and repairs. 

Rely on Italkero for efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art industrial heating solutions. We are here to meet your industrial heating needs and contribute to the success of your business.